Monica's Dish on Dairy: June Dairy Month

Jun 22, 2022

It is our favorite time of the year, June Dairy Month!  Did you know that we have been celebrating and honoring our dairy farmers each June since 1937?  Back then, the promotion started to market the excess milk that was produced by the cows that were grazing on green pastures.  Today, we work closely with our media outlets (newspaper/radio/TV), to spread the word on dairy’s health benefits, showcase easy ways to fit 3 servings of dairy into meals and snacks, and give an extra shout out to our hard working dairy farmers.

This year, it is also the St. Louis Dairy Council’s 90th anniversary!  Our June Dairy Month campaign, “Ninety and on the MOOVE,” is designed to celebrate the 90-year milestone, reflecting on how the dairy industry and promotion efforts continue to move forward.  So much has changed over the decades!  Some farmers are now using robots to do the milking for them.   In the dairy case, you will find innovative products like fermented dairy and ultra- filtered milk.  At the St. Louis Dairy council, we are able to connect with hundreds of students virtually to teach them about dairy and dairy farming.

Although there have been changes over the years, some things will always stay the same.  Farmers will always be committed to taking care of their animals, the land, and producing a high quality milk.  The natural nutrients found in dairy will be consistent and important for a healthy diet, and the St. Louis Dairy Council will continue with our “Boots on the Ground” approach to delivering dairy nutrition education. 

Cheers to June Dairy Month!

Monica Nyman, Nutrition Educator


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