Dairy In the Classroom

Purpose: To support the efforts of classroom teachers focusing on lessons about the selection of and cooking with dairy products.  St. Louis District Dairy Council will reimburse for the costs of dairy products used in classroom-related activities up to $50 per teacher, per semester. This program is made possible by local dairy farmers..


  • Dollars for Dairy in the Classroom” funds are available to junior and senior high schools located within the service territory of St. Louis District Dairy Council.  Please see list below for the Illinois and Missouri counties that are eligible to participate.
  • Each teacher will be eligible to receive up to $50 in reimbursement per teacher, per semester to cover the costs of purchasing dairy products for the classroom, including pasteurized milk, cheese and yogurt.  Milk and cheese must be domestic and from a dairy cow.
    • Please note that while eggs and margarine are often located in the dairy case, they are not dairy products and therefore will not be reimbursed. In addition, organic milk is not eligible for reimbursement as those farmers do not contribute to the checkoff program in which we are funded.


  • Purchase dairy products for classroom use during the current semester and save your cash register receipts. Dairy items must total $50 in order to receive the maximum reimbursement amount.  If receipts do not total $50, then you will be reimbursed for the amount the dairy items total.
    • We ask that you clearly identify dairy item on your receipts by either highlighting, circling, underling, or noting with an asterisk. If faxing your request, please choose a method other than highlighting to note dairy products on your submitted receipts. 
    • Complete the “Dollars for Dairy in the Classroom” Reimbursement Form.
    • Submit the reimbursement form and all receipts by May 8, 2020. Note: Receipts must have dates within the current semester.
    • Submit your request as soon as possible. This program is first-come first-served. Funds are limited.