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St. Louis District Dairy Council is a nonprofit organization whose mission is nutrition education. We are dedicated to promoting dairy foods and providing science-based dairy and nutrition information. On most days you will find us out in the field, working directly with consumers, educators, health professionals, and members of the media in the 131 counties we serve.

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From Farm to Fork

Farm to fork is more than a trend for dairy farmers; it is their passion, their livelihood, and, for most, their family legacy. Telling the story of dairy means telling the story of dairy farming. We build agriculture awareness through programs that reach schools and beyond.

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Holidays are Merry with Dairy!

POSTED Dec 7, 2018

Dip Dining for the Holidays

POSTED Nov 6, 2018

Falling into Comfort with Family Meals

POSTED Sep 27, 2018

Holidays are Merry with Dairy!

Dip Dining for the Holidays

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