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The Nutrition Education People
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St. Louis District Dairy Council (SLDDC) is a nonprofit nutrition education organization whose mission is to communicate the role and necessity of dairy foods as part of a healthful diet. Since 1932, SLDDC has worked with key leaders in the areas of education, health professions, consumer groups and media. The organization is funded by local dairy producers through the Federal Check-Off Program and operates as a 501-c(3) organization.

Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, SLDDC has satellite offices located in Bloomington, Illinois and Springfield, Illinois and serves a 131-county area. The staff of SLDDC is comprised of professionals with experience in education, food service management, nutrition, and communications. As "The Nutrition Education People," St. Louis District Dairy Council prides itself on personal delivery of nutrition programming in the varied communities it serves.

St. Louis District Dairy Council welcomes the challenge of continuing to spread the word about the value and benefits of dairy foods on behalf of our funders in Missouri and Illinois.

St. Louis District Dairy Council is a nonprofit organization whose mission is nutrition education. We are dedicated to promoting dairy foods and providing science-based dairy and nutrition information. On most days you will find us out in the field, working directly with consumers, educators, health professionals and members of the media in the 131 counties we serve. We are proud to serve our dairy farmer funders in eastern Missouri and central/southern Illinois.

Mission Statement:
To communicate the role and necessity of dairy foods in a healthful diet by:

  • Emphasizing a personalized approach to building support for dairy
  • Translating current dairy nutrition research to serve targeted audiences
  • Partnering with selected organizations to develop cooperative strategies
  • Utilizing appropriate communication systems and methods to positively influence the consumption of dairy foods  
  • Ensuring that communication about the health benefits of dairy is based on sound science and provides meaningful information to the end-user

Farm to Fork
Farm to fork is more than a trend for dairy farmers – it is their passion, their livelihood, and, for most, their family legacy. Dairy farmers know you care about where your food comes from. They care, too, and they take pride in providing the best care for their cows and protecting the natural resources we all share. Dairy farm families throughout Illinois and Missouri work hard every day to bring fresh, great tasting, wholesome milk products from their farms to your fork, spoon, plate, and cup. This decades-old tradition is one you can feel good about sharing with your family.