Adopt-A-Cow Show & Tell

See how other teachers are using the Adopt-A-Cow program in their classrooms below or tell us how your class has enjoyed being a part of the program by submitting your own testimonial.

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Altamont Grade School - 1st grade
Our 1st grade class used the Adopt-A-Cow program to practice the alphabet.
Bourbon Elementary - K
Our class practiced modeled writing each month when our picture of Rosie came. The students also wrote about the program in journals and read them to the class. We also used the program for lessons in comparing and contrasting and math word problems.
High Mount School - 1st grade
Watch our videos to see how our class participated in the Adopt-A-Cow program!
Eugene Field Elementary - 1st grade
We love Rose the calf! During our information writing unit, we used our new calf knowledge to teach others. The students also wanted to learn more about Rose's ear tag. I live on a goat farm, so I brought in my ear tag tool to show them how it works.
Rebecca Boone Elementary - K
Across our curriculum, we find our class pet cow, Lilly, being referenced by the students all the time. The students are always very excited to receive the monthly update on Lilly.
Richland County Elementary - 2nd grade
Watch our video to see what our students learned through the Adopt-A-Cow program!
Washington Early Childhood Center - Pre-K
Check out our video to see how excited our Pre-K class is to learn about dairy through the Adopt-A-Cow program.
Westhoff Elementary - 2nd grade
We play a math fluency game called "moo-ving around the world". We use a cow stool to count "moo-lah" earned in the game. Thanks for the moo-velous opportunity!
Woerner Elementary - K
Our class is thoroughly enjoying the Adopt-A-Cow program this year! We used our math skills to tally up votes when we named her and have learned lots about dairy since adopting her. Thank you for this amazing opportunity!
Tri-C Elementary School - 1st grade
Our class is really enjoys the Adopt-A-Cow program this year! They love to get their monthly updates on Lulu, our cow! We voted and tallied up votes when we named her and have learned so much about dairy and farming since we adopted her!
St. Clare - 1st grade
We love our cow, Spot! We enjoy learning about her each month and the kiddos wait patiently and cannot wait until the beginning of every month to get an update on her!
Vachel Lindsay School - 3rd grade
Every month, the students look forward to hearing from our farmer and seeing the pictures of Lindsay, our class cow. The kids love to hear what our calf is eating and how big she is getting. The videos from Farmer Doll are always a big hit. Thank you!
Kirksville R-III School District - 1st grade
I have used the Adopt a Cow program for several years in my first grade classroom. I love how we can use the lessons as an outreach to teach healthy eating habits, oral hygiene, agriculture, and so much more! The kids LOVED our dairy cooking unit!
Mill Creek Elementary - 1st grade
Our class absolutely LOVES our dairy cow, Millie! Each student keeps track of her growth and their learning in their "Adopt-A-Cow Journals". We enjoy learning all about how dairy farmers take care of their cows and how we get milk to drink!