Power Up with Chocolate Milk

Take a training tip from some of your favorite professional and Olympic athletes and make low-fat or fat-free chocolate milk your post-workout ritual. Research shows that chocolate milk meets or beats the competition when it comes to refueling and rehydrating your body after a tough workout. Plus, milk is affordable, accessible, and packed with 9 essential nutrients, including calcium and vitamin D for strong bones, making it a winning strategy every time.

Good nutrition is key to great performance. The dairy case is full of quick-fix snacks that power both activity and recovery! With natural high-quality protein, dairy foods are a great choice for athletes. St. Louis District Dairy Council wants to help you educate students about the importance of dairy for peak performance! We are offering a no-cost resource kit for coaches that includes handouts for students and goodies for you. Please complete the below form to request your kit today.