Adoption FAQ


What does it cost to participate in this program?
St. Louis District Dairy Council is providing this program at no-cost to schools, courtesy of local dairy farmers.

How often will I get updates about my cow?
Updates will come every month, October through May, on the first Monday of each month, via an email from the farmer. The first photo of your cow will come immediately after you adopt your cow.

Can I adopt a cow anytime throughout the school year?
No, the adoption barn is only open for about 4 weeks, from mid-August to mid-September. However, we’re always taking names of teachers who want to adopt a cow for the next school year.

I don’t see an email from my farmer, where is it?
If you don’t see the email in your inbox on the first Monday of the month, please check your spam folder. If you still do not see it, please contact St. Louis District Dairy Council at An alternate email address may be required.

Is the cow I adopt unique to my classroom?
No, multiple classrooms may adopt the same cow. However, the name you choose for your cow is unique to you/your students. If multiple teachers in your school plan to adopt a cow, we suggest talking to one another to adopt different cows for your building.

I wanted to adopt the same calf as last year, and I cannot find it.
Not all of the farmers and calves from the previous school years are featured in the adoption barn this year. However, we’ve added new farmers and a new breed of cows to showcase how diverse the local dairy farms are.

How can we contact the farmer about meeting him/her and our cow in person?
Please do not reach out to the farmer. They are busy running the farm and taking care of their cows. Please contact St. Louis District Dairy Council about opportunities to visit a dairy farm.

Tell me more about the photos I will receive of my adopted cow.
Photographs of cows are taken by the farmer, not a professional photographer, so please keep that in mind when assessing the quality of the photo. Photos are not taken in the same month you receive the email from your farmer. Photos are taken in 9 consecutive months but may not correlate with the Sept.-May sequence in which you receive them.