Kelsey's Dish on Dairy: “Moo-ving” Cafeterias Forward with High Technology Appliances

May 3, 2022

Kelsey Hulcher's Dish on Dairy: Moo-ving” Cafeterias Forward with High Technology Appliances

The word “smart” has taken on an elevated meaning in today’s world. People used to be smart. They had ideas we deemed smart. The cell phone was among the first things we called smart. The concept has expanded exponentially, and our kitchens, in my opinion, have become real brainiacs.

I received a coffee maker as a gift recently. I am no coffee connoisseur, but by the time I worked through the instruction manual, I was ready to explore the machine’s fancy applications and attempt trendy recipes.

As a new Nutrition Educator for the St. Louis District Dairy Council, I see this same experience unfolding among the recipients of our Dollars for Dairy grants. School nutrition staff are stepping outside their comfort zones and into technological or simply unfamiliar territories to introduce smoothie bikes, panini presses, coffee bars, and other creative strategies for incorporating healthy dairy options.

These closing months of the school year are application season for the Dollars for Dairy grants. I am excited to see what smart equipment and even smarter ideas emerge from the applications. The potential of the machines is impressive, but it’s the people who operate them that continue to inspire me with their imagination and commitment to nutrition.


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