Kelsey's Dish on Dairy: Dare to Compare

Jun 21, 2021

I LOVE food. Maybe I grew to love it during my training and education to becoming a registered dietitian. Or maybe I developed this love while growing up on a farm and being able to see first-hand where food comes from. Regardless of when it began, food is my passion. I love to experience new foods, learn where foods come from, try out new recipes, buy interesting ethnic produce, give new cooking methods a go, and I even enjoy giving the new raved about superfood a chance. Long story short, I will try anything once. While I love to try new things, I am also a purist because some things just are better left not tampered with. I believe that food in its most natural form is at its best. This is where our June Dairy Month campaign “Dare to Compare to Dairy” enters the picture.

We are taking the opportunity during June to point out why dairy is still a must-have in your grocery cart. The options in today’s grocery store are limitless and marketing can seem relentless. Labels are no longer as simple as choosing between low fat and whole milk. Now you also have to choose between a plethora of dairy-like beverages, along with foods that mimic the real thing but do not even come close to comparing in taste, cost, or nutrition.

I still find myself occasionally standing in the aisle, trying to separate a marketing ploy from the “real deal” on a food label. I can’t imagine how tough this must be for the layman without years of food education. Luckily one thing I am always certain of and confident in is my milk, cheese and yogurt purchases. You know the REAL milk, cheese, and yogurts. I know when I buy any of them, I am guaranteed a simple natural product that is going to bring nine essential nutrients to the table. Not to mention, affordability and versatility. I can’t think of a favorite dish of mine that doesn’t contain some type of dairy; whether it’s simply a sprinkle of cheese on my broccoli or the milk and butter I add to baked goods. There is simply no comparison when it comes to dairy products.

Join in with me on the Dare to Compare Challenge this June Dairy Month. Read and compare nutrition labels, ingredient lists, and price tags to make an informed choice. If you need more help or information on how to compare milk to other products, check out our Milk the Real Deal brochure in the resources tab. I hope you find an awesome way to celebrate June Dairy month this year and don’t forget to Dare to Compare!




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