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St. Louis District Dairy Council offers a variety of programs, both in and out of the classroom, to help schools educate students on the importance of dairy foods as part of a healthy diet. These programs offer everything from grants to encourage healthy eating in schools to games and activities that teach lessons about dairy. And that's only the beginning.

Slow (Cooker) and Steady Wins the Race to Health

A new year often means aspirations of a new, fresh start. Many are beginning 2019 with hopes of being better than the year before, including making healthier choices for their families and themselves. Sitting down as a family to share a meal is a great place to start.

Holidays are Merry with Dairy!

How does the St. Louis Dairy Council celebrate during the holidays?  With dairy of course!

Dip Dining for the Holidays

Looking for the perfect dish for entertaining friends or family during the holidays?  Fondue offers cooks, hosts, and guests fun, flavor, and flexibility. 

Falling into Comfort with Family Meals

Eating together as a family fosters child growth and development, both physically and emotionally. Take time to plan and shop for nutritious meals, and sit down together as a family as often as possible.

Back to School with Milk: The Lunchtime Staple

Back to school means returning to routine, earlier bedtimes, and homework. It is also a time to think about how our kids are fueling their bodies. Healthy meals and snacks are essential for learning and growing.

Back to School: Creative Ways Schools Are Serving Up Dairy

It is back to school time and the cafeteria is one place students may not expect to see exciting changes. However, through its Dollars for Dairy initiative, St. Louis District Dairy Council is helping 37 schools amp up their breakfast and lunch programs to include more milk, cheese and yogurt. When students choose dairy at school, they are getting nutrients like protein and calcium to help fuel them throughout the day. Here are a few creative ways cafeterias are serving up dairy with the help of SLDDC’s Dollars for Dairy initiative:

Ice cream: Summer’s Perfect Companion

July was declared National Ice Cream Month in 1984 with President Ronald Regan stating that ice cream is “the perfect dessert.” Thirty-four years later, that statement has stood the test of time. Nothing says summer quite like ice cream does. The sound of the ice cream truck driving through the neighborhood brings excitement to kids of all ages. Whether it’s a scoop of your favorite flavor melting down the side of a cone, a hot fudge sundae, or a classic root beer float, ice cream has become the perfect companion for hot summer days.

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