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St. Louis District Dairy Council offers a variety of programs, both in and out of the classroom, to help schools educate students on the importance of dairy foods as part of a healthy diet. These programs offer everything from grants to encourage healthy eating in schools to games and activities that teach lessons about dairy. And that's only the beginning.

Monica's Dish on Dairy: Starting 2021 with a Healthy Plan

Our nutrition resources for the community focus on healthy eating meal plans and how dairy fits in to a healthy diet.  The top meal plans for many years, the Mediterranean and DASH meal plans, both recommend dairy each day to reach the 2021 Dietary Guidelines recommendations of three servings of dairy each day.

Kelsey's Dish on Dairy: Farm Life from the Farm Wife

Bridging the gap between farmers and the consumer is more crucial than ever before as consumers become increasingly invested in terms like sustainable, grass fed, organic, non-GMO, and other label claims that can be used in fear-based marketing tactics.

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