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Welcome to Henrichs Dairy Farm

I'm Farmer Bryan Henrichs, and I help operate my family's third generation dairy farm in Breese, Illinois. Our farm was started in 1933 by my grandpa and, today, is home to over 230 cows

One of the newest members of the herd is this calf right here. She doesn't have a name, yet, but if your classroom adopts her, you'll get to name her and watch her grow with monthly photos and updates.

Just like the other dairy cows on our farm, she is a Holstein, a breed that is known for their black and white spots. She's friendly and playful, as many calves are.

If you'd like to adopt her for your classroom, click the link on the right. Once your adoption form is received, we'll send you an email update with an adoption certificate that you can fill out and hang in your classroom, along with a video from me.

Each month, we'll send an email with a picture and update on your calf, along with fun, educational materials that help students learn about dairy farming and nutritious dairy foods.

Thanks for reading about our dairy farm and baby calf. We hope you'll consider adopting her and follow her during her journey this school year!

For information on the other calves available for adoption, click here.

Our Farm

Quick Facts

  • Our farm is home to 230 milking cows 
  • A third generation farm, it was started in 1933
  • We milk 230 cows twice daily, 7 days a week
  • One milking takes 3 hours
  • Milk from our farm is made into delicious ice creams and lactose-free milks